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Daily Prayers

Lord, Your Word Tells Us to be Alert and Sober-Minded

Lord, your Word tells us to be alert and sober-minded. Help me to remain attentive, so I may hear your...

God, Some Days the Distractions Get the Best of Me

God, some days the distractions get the best of me, and its hard to feel your presence. Lord, I know...

Father, Thank You for the Morning Light of a New Sunrise

Father, thank you for the morning light of a new sunrise. We are reminded daily by this magnificent display of...

Thank you, Father, for saving me and restoring me

Thank you, Father, for saving me and restoring me, so that I may know you today and for eternity. I...

My Soul is Downcast Within Me, God

My soul is downcast within me, God. My heart is burdened by this heavy load that I carry. Worn, and...

Jesus, Better is One Day in Your Courts

Jesus, better is one day in your courts than a thousand elsewhere. So I give you this day, and all...