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5 Christian Movies That Are Guaranteed To Inspire

Fred Foster

Movies are a great way to experience stories that both inspire and uplift you, improving your life. Here are some Christian movies about faith that go deep and may renew, revitalize, and explore your own personal faith. 

It can be difficult to get back on the right track. These stories involve characters who overcome challenges and rely on their relationship with God.

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“I Am Potential”

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“I Am Potential” will make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. A feel-good story about the journey a father takes to help his son, who is in a wheelchair, overcome the odds and realize his God-given potential. The film is based on the true story of Patrick Henry Hughes. This movie will inspire you!

“1500 Steps”

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This movie about a young man’s journey is a beautiful coming-of-age story. Set in Sydney, Australia, the high school drama that Jonas “Jobe” O’Brien endures helps him uncover self-belief. His father struggles with alcoholism, after his mother’s death. Although Jonas is an outcast at school, he has a gift. He is a runner and, with the help of his mentor, can become great.


“The Redemption of Henry Myers”

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The difficult life of Henry Myers is chronicled in “The Redemption of Henry Myers.” As an outlaw, he is abandoned by his partner when a heist goes wrong. He is shown kindness from a widow and her family. The family causes Henry to question his way of life. Watch to see if he will seek revenge or discover his redemption.

“The Encounter”

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This film follows 5 strangers who are stranded at a diner. They experience a spiritual encounter that changes their lives forever. “The Encounter” stars the amazing Bruce Marchiano. This is a modern take on what it would be like to come face to face with Jesus.

“Saved By Grace”

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A mysterious woman is thrown into the life of a retired police officer who contemplates a drastic decision after the loss of his family. This woman’s personal stories give him a reason to look at his life in a different light. There are deep lessons in the film for those in similar situations.