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7 Christian Podcasts You Have To Download

Fred Foster

With the world all on smartphones, the amount of Christian podcasts have made it super simple to get Scripture on the fly. Podcasts are a great way to follow teachings of the Bible and to motivate you to live a more fulfilling life.

Edifi is an excellent app for discovering some of the best Christian podcasts. Available on both the Google Play and Apple stores, this powerful app curates thousands of the best Christian podcasts for your enjoyment. Cut out the noise in your life and let your faith grow by listening to the word of God today.

Below are some of the best Christian podcasts you can add to your daily routine.

The Church Boys

A light-hearted and comical Christian podcast, “The Church Boys” dives into faith, culture, politics, and tons of other topics. Hosts Billy Hallowell from PureFlix.com and Chris Field from The Blaze go deep and analyze personal stories and theology. The Church Boys is a must for both funny and serious takes on important Christian subjects.

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Truth’s Table

“Truth’s Table” features hosts Michelle Higgins, Ekemini Uwan, and Christina Edmondson who are three black Christian women who love to seek the truth, wherever that may lead. They share their views on race, gender, politics, pop culture, and current events that come from their Christian-led perspectives.

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“BreakPoint” has provided Christian perspectives on the news since 1991. Hosted by John Stonestreet, “BreakPoint” aims to answer vital questions like “How can we make sure we have clarity in our daily lives?” and “How are Christians to make sense of the world around us?”

Focus Marriage Podcast

An excellent podcast for families and couples, “Focus Marriage Podcast” features healthy marriage advice and stories from interesting guest speakers that encourage and challenge couples to build deeper connections through faith. Relatable advice is given and the podcast is definitely worth a listen.



Family Talk with Dr. James Dobson

Since “Family Talk” was introduced the podcast has gone on to serve millions of families and it on more than 1,200 online and radio outlets. Featuring host Dr. James Dobson, the podcast promotes teachings of the bible and supports family, marriage, and child-development.

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Proverbs 31 Ministries

Exclusively for women, “Proverbs 31 Ministries Podcast” is a must for Christian women. On their website it states, “It’s good to rely on friends, but seeing your life from a different perspective can be irreplaceable.” The Proverbs 31 Ministries Podcast has episodes that feature members or friends of the ministry that can impart wisdom and teach valuable lessons from their own vantage points.

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Building Relationships

Known for his bestselling book, “The Five Love Languages,” Dr. Gary Chapman hosts the “Building Relationships” podcast where he provides great advice without any commercials. One reviewer who left 5 stars says that he wished more were like it. Great audio, no selling, and great advice. Keep it going!