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How Christianity Emphasizes The Importance Of Being Trustworthy

Fred Foster


If you’re looking to climb the corporate ladder, or just get into the good graces of your boss, instead of kissing up to them try being trustworthy. Be dependable and there for them. Even if you don’t get the credit for everything, just by putting in the time and effort into the small things God will be watching and blessing your effort.

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Jesus' Tale of The Dishonest Manager

Jesus told a story about a dishonest manager who was going to get fired. The story explains how this manager got rid of the bills everyone owed his master. The aim was to gain benevolence from the people who owed his master money because he didn’t have the strength to take on the manual labor that would be required of him out on the street. 

Work Ethic and Integrity

If you can’t be trusted to do the smallest things, then why would anyone have a reason to trust you to do the big things? The purpose is to take on the small things and build up a relationship of trust, no matter the situation. Good work ethic and integrity will gain the respect of your superiors. Do what you’re told and do it correctly even when no one is watching. 

Being Trustworthy

If your integrity is being questioned, it’s time for a change. Being trustworthy can turn things around, even if it doesn’t happen immediately. It takes time to build up trust with others. Being dishonest and lazy will destroy trust immediately. It’s crucial to have people believe in what you say and that your words will be backed up by action.