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How To Develop Your Faith

Fred Foster

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Much like a muscle needs to be strengthened through exercise, faith is just like that. But faith doesn't develop from natural ability, it takes work. A learning curve is involved. Belief in God is the key to a successful relationship with your faith. Here are some ways that we can grow and develop our faith in God:

Partnership with God

We learn that Jesus is the founder and perfecter of our faith in Hebrews 12:2a. We must place our trust in God and be confident with the decision. We should walk together in a relationship with God and pray. This relationship with God will help us understand the nature and the power of God. This understanding will help us overcome many situations in life and grow with God’s help.

The Word of God

By listening to the word of God, it will help cultivate our spirit into one that can clearly listen and acquire the knowledge He has to offer. The Bible gives us plenty of examples of both men and women who follow in the footsteps of God. They overcome their challenges and are victorious. By seeing how they put their faith in God and how God responds helps to remind us that when we have faith in Him, we can move mountains.


Faith isn’t believing that God can do as He promised, but that he has already completed it. Our heart must be filled with praise, already. There is a fundamental difference between thanksgiving and praise. Thanksgiving is an expression of gratitude for what God has done, is doing, and what he is about to do. Praise is a much deeper kind of gratitude that solely focuses on who God is. To grow our faith we must learn to live a praise-filled lifestyle.