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How Faith Can Keep You Grounded

Fred Foster

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When life throws us a curveball, how can we stay grounded? The future is uncertain and sometimes situations may seem precarious. These challenges force us to adapt and grow, even though it can be tough. Faith is a way to expand roots and stay grounded amidst turbulent times. Love is the answer which has the ability to heal and nourish the soul and strengthen our roots. 

Develop a Daily Routine

Grounding yourself doesn’t happen overnight. It takes practice and requires a routine. This is definitely easier said than done! With so many things competing for our attention throughout the day, how do we find the time? There are plenty of benefits to recentering yourself through meditation and prayer. It can make us feel less anxious and more present, hopeful, and resilient. When you immerse yourself daily in love and God you can foster love and focus on what is important.

Be Curious

Curiosity can cure our cynicism. We may have preconceived notions or barriers in the way that are preventing us from resting in love. Discovering what we’re afraid of can open us up to new truths that we have not previously seen. Lean in with curiosity and be honest with yourself. Vulnerability is not a weakness. Don’t be afraid that God cannot be trusted or that you’re not worthy of his love. Don’t give up and constantly remain curious. Ask questions and discover more about your relationship with God.

Love Is Waiting For You

God is all-loving and he is calling to you. There is no duty on your part, but an open invitation to accept his love. Let him heal and empower you to heal others. Imagine the possibilities of freeing yourself from fear and self-doubt. Don’t let this consume you and instead imagine the powers of love and the good that comes from it. This is a worthwhile pursuit. 

Miracles Are Coming

Now is the time to cultivate the practice of love for both yourself and others. It’s important to remember that this is a journey and not an overnight thing. New muscles develop and neural pathways form to make what was once hard, easy. This is the miracle of practice. You will become what you practice. You will practice what you preach, and become a person people love.