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The True Meaning Of Repentance

Fred Foster

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A lot of us aim to be spiritual these days. We follow guidelines and belief systems designed for us by self-proclaimed teachers. Accepting and repeating what we read without true thought behind what we’re preaching. Accepting and sharing is too easy. Words have no weight unless action is put behind them. A couple can go to church their entire life and yet stay stuck in the same place, never climbing the spiritual ladder. 

Spirituality is about transforming the self into something lasting and beautiful. Every religion can show people the road to the Light and help them get back on track to guide them Home. Spirituality and religion can be the exact same, in that sense. 


A sudden wake-up call, an enlightenment is part of a process called awakening. Realizing who you truly are and what you’re meant to do, a calling. An excellent metaphor is the phoenix rising from the ashes. 

There needs to be more than just metaphors that show up principles of spiritual awakening though. We must have a method to get from A to B, or from darkness to light. We’re dealing with the consciousness so no external device can help us, we must look within and develop powers of perseverance and will.

“Repent and thou shalt be saved” is an old Christian adage that possesses great philosophical and spiritual beauty. In one simple sentence, it expresses the need to realize that the self has a way to be freed of evil and restored. 

Come Into The Light

By realizing that the world or people aren’t to be blamed for things, and instead the individual is to be blamed then the first step to spirituality can be taken. Every change begins with taking a look in the mirror. Praying is asking for forgiveness and trusting that things will evolve to a state of Being that is lighter. 

Salvation lies within and we don’t require academic or religious teachers to work out this principle. You just have to apply prayer on a regular basis to see with your own eyes and step out of the darkness and into the light.