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3 Prayers For A Relationship That's Struggling

Fred Foster

A lot of emotional pain can come with a struggling relationship. A broken marriage, a dwindling partnership after being in a long-term relationship, the difficulty can make it hard to find any way to reconcile. The power of prayer may be just what you need to mend a relationship. 

Here are a few example of prayers to help respark the faith in your relationship:

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A Prayer For Peace

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It may seem like there’s no peace in your life and the only person you can turn to isn’t there. Your sense of peace is shattered. God is peace, though. Praying for peace to return to your relationship is crucial. Here’s an example of a prayer for God that can bring peace to you and your loved one.

“Lord, my relationship has become difficult. There is fighting and unease. There’s tension and resentment. I feel that I have nowhere to turn.

I feel that there is nowhere to turn, Lord. My relationship has become difficult and the tension and resentment in my heart leaves me with this fighting and feeling of unease.

Please allow there to be peace between my partner and I. Lord, help grant us peace that only you can bestow upon us. Rid any anger, resentment or tension that has formed between us.

Thank you, Father. Amen.”


A Prayer For Revelation

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Relationships that struggle are hard to mend and it may seem impossible to find a way forward. What can be done differently? If your partner is hiding something from you should you give up and go your own separate ways? Turning to prayer may help. You can try the following prayer:

"My relationship is struggling and although I don’t know what to do, I know Lord, that I can take comfort in knowing you know all things. Please show me the things either I or my partner can do to better our relationship. 

If it is time to end our relationship, please help me accept and see this by opening my eyes to any abuse I may be suffering or inflicting. Help me make an informed decision.

In Jesus’ Name, amen."

A Prayer For Forgiveness

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When you feel like you’ve been wronged, it can be hard to forgive. Holding a grudge is all too easy. Over time though, if you hold onto the grudges they can destroy any relationship. Here is a prayer for forgiveness for both you and your partner.

“Please forgive me of my sins Father, including those I’ve committed against my loved one. If you are willing to forgive me, give me the strength to forgive my partner, too.

Let me let go of my grudges and help me grow. Rid thoughts of revenge. Let my heart fill with forgiveness and love.

In Christs’ Name, Amen.”