Relationship Prayer: Lord Jesus, Thank You for my Partner Who Fills my Heart to Overflowing - My Daily Bible

Relationship Prayer: Lord Jesus, Thank You For My Partner Who Fills My Heart To Overflowing

Rebecca Goings


When we first begin a relationship with someone, we must pray for them in order for God to work in their hearts, especially if your new relationship is heading toward marriage. What is better than a woman or a man praying for their future spouse? Be sure to ask God to bless your future union.

Lord Jesus, thank You for my partner who fills my heart to overflowing. I ask You be with them and grow them in wisdom, discernment, knowledge and grace. Allow them to pursue You before they pursue me, and prune them to bear You much fruit. God, I pray for our future. Strengthen us to walk in love and prayer for one another, no matter the hard road. Help us to turn to You for answers and lead us down righteous paths. Keep us focused on You and on each other. Keep us and grow us as a couple who prays. Amen.

Always pray for the one you love and watch as God moves mightily through their lives.