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Relationship Prayer: Lord Jesus, Thank You for my Partner Who Fills my Heart to Overflowing

When we first begin a relationship with someone, we must pray for them in order for God to work in...

Lord God, You are My Great and Glorious Father in Heaven

Lord God, You are my great and glorious Father in Heaven I come before You today as Your poor and...

Almighty God, Be With Me

Almighty God, be with me. Without Your presence in my life, I will stumble and fall. There once was a...

Lord Jesus, I Ask for Your Guidance

Lord Jesus, I ask for Your guidance. How often I shipwreck myself on the shoals! Please allow me the grace...

Gracious Lord, Without You I Would be Lost

Life comes with seemingly endless turmoil. Often, we encounter difficult and confusing choices with uncertain outcomes. Other times, we find...

Creator God, You Designed Us For Relationships

God designed us to live in community with one another. And often in life, we encounter situations that require us...